I Am He as You Are He as You Are Me and We Are All Together

A little about myself:

Four days after graduating from the University of Virginia with my degrees in biology and psychology, I packed up my beat-up four-door to the roof and drove halfway across the country with romanticized visions of the West with a capital ‘W.’  More on my motivations here.

I am at the same time a fatalistic misanthrope and a brass-bound idealist.  Though I reject any notion of an ultimate “purpose” to life, I find myself 1,500 miles from home in the middle of the Bible Belt trying to preach chemistry to high school students.

In my spare time, I go running in the 105-degree heat like an idiot, I waste hours on the interwebs, I pretend to know things about fine wine and bourbon and cheese, I fail to notice when my guitar is out of tune, I watch trashy television, and I write my “novel” that I am convinced is totally deep and complex but will probably end up in more garbage bins than hands of readers.

I don’t really do spatial-temporal reasoning, and most times, when people give me directions, I just nod my head and hope that someone else is listening.

Special skills: Loyal friend, low culture analyst, MARC train voyeur, shower vocalist, proficient promise-keeper, grammar enthusiast


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